Notice anything different? Web site improvements

You may have recently noticed improvements to many pages on our web site.  Now you can:

  • Screenshot of library locations web pageSearch BartonPlus, our new search interface, from the “Start your search” tab on the home page.
  • Locate current and future library hours more easily with a date-picker option.
  • Find and reserve study spaces more easily on new study spaces pages.
  • Learn more about each MIT library on improved library locations pages, including new “About us” and “collections” pages.
  • Find your way around our site more easily with a new navigation bar.

This is a work-in-progress.  Over the next year, you’ll see even more improvements, including:

  • New styling on our research guides.
  • More consistent navigation throughout our web site.

We’re still working out a few bugs, so if you notice anything odd, or if you have thoughts about improvements you’d like to see, tell us about it!