New milestone for MIT Faculty Open Access Policy

43% of faculty articles now being shared

A new milestone was reached in collecting articles under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy : 43% of the articles published by faculty since they adopted their Policy are now being shared through the Open Access Articles Collection in Dspace@MIT.

As of the end of July 2015, downloads of the 17,400 articles deposited in relation to the Policy topped 3.3 million, with over 83,500 downloads during the month.

Recent readers included:

  • A researcher and inventor who used a paper for a presentation at a conference, writing “I’m privileged to cite this paper…Thanks for making this paper freely available!”
  • A PhD candidate in the UK without access to papers on human factors in blood transfusion, who read “Systems thinking for safety and security,” by William Young and MIT Professor Nancy Leveson, indicating that it (and related papers) were “invaluable. Many thanks.”
  • A researcher in New Zealand reading about power in organizations who wrote “wow – thank you – this is an amazing initiative.”

Recent readers come from many walks of life and corners of the globe, including:

  • a journalist in India trying to make a deadline,
  • a French ophthalmologist working with imaging tools,
  • a physical therapist from India,
  • an amateur aviation aficionado, and
  • an independent researcher of prison reform.

Other readers’ comments are available at the Scholarly Publishing website.

One of the most downloaded articles in the Open Access Articles Collection, July 2015

One of the most downloaded articles in the Open Access Articles Collection, July 2015

Among the top 10 most downloaded articles for the month of July 2015 were:

To view download statistics, including on a global map, visit the Open Access Article Statistics site.

MIT authors may deposit a manuscript to the collection by logging in to a form at DSpace@MIT.

This news is part of a series of monthly reports on activity related to the Open Access Articles Collection in DSpace@MIT, which was launched in October 2009 to house articles deposited in association with the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy.

Ellen Finnie Duranceau, Program Manager, Scholarly Publishing, Copyright & Licensing, MIT Libraries