Making decisions in a world awash in data: We’re going to need a different boat

A Brown Bag with Anthony Scriffignano

Event date November 14, 2016 12 - 1pm

Anthony Scriffignano head shot

Join us for a brown bag talk with Anthony Scriffignano, SVP/Chief Data Scientist at Dun and Bradstreet. In this session, Scriffignano will explore some of the ways in which the massive availability of data is changing and the types of questions we must ask in the context of making business decisions.

The session will cover three main themes: The new normal (how the data around us continues to change), how are we reacting (bringing data science into the room), and the path ahead (creating a mindset in the organization that evolves). Ultimately, what we learn is governed as much by the data available as by the questions we ask.  This talk, both relevant and occasionally irreverent, will explore some of the new ways data is being used to expose risk and opportunity and the skills we need to take advantage of a world awash in data. Learn more

Scriffignano in an internationally recognized data scientist with over 35 years experience in multiple industries and enterprise domains. He has extensive background in linguistics and advanced algorithms, leveraging that background as primary inventor on multiple patents worldwide. He provides thought leadership globally, including serving as a forum panelist at the World Internet Conference hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Wuzhen, China and providing subject matter expertise to the US National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Report to the President on Big Data Analytics. He was recently published in CIOReview (US), Mint (India) and quoted in various publications including China Daily, Xinhua and Peoples Daily. He was profiled by InformationWeek and by BizCloud, and was a recent CXOTalk guest. He regularly presents at business and academic venues globally regarding emerging trends in data and information stewardship relating to the “Big Data” explosion, multilingual challenges in business identity and malfeasance in commercial settings.

Information Science Brown Bag talks, hosted by the Program on Information Science, consists of regular discussions and brainstorming sessions on all aspects of information science and uses of information science and technology to assess and solve institutional, social and research problems. These are informal talks. Discussions are often inspired by real-world problems being faced by the lead discussant.  

Event Details
Location: E25-401
Lunch will be provided; please bring your own drink and your questions.