Looking to manage your active research and data? Try LabArchives

Electronic Lab Notebooks help researchers better document and track their work

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Looking for a more robust way to keep track of your research data, collaborate within a research group, and share resources across group members and devices? Electronic Lab Notebooks, or ELNs, expand upon the premise of paper lab/field notebooks to help meet the evolving needs for managing research during its active phase.

Recognizing this demand in our own community, IS&T has acquired LabArchives, a cloud-based ELN system now freely available to MIT faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. MIT Libraries’ Data Management Services supports the use of LabArchives as part of an overall data management workflow.

Key features of LabArchives:

  • Ability to upload and store files – including text, tables, images, spreadsheets, and attachments – in their original format
  • Ability to create standard ELN formats and templates for your research group
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms, including mobile devices
  • Secure storage of data on LabArchives servers: multiple redundancy ensures 24/7 data availability
  • Ability to share information within your research group and invite collaborators from outside of MIT to join your ELN

To use MIT’s enterprise LabArchives license, go to labarchives.mit.edu, authenticate via Touchstone, and then activate an enterprise account. For more information on getting started with LabArchives, email labarchives-support@mit.edu or visit the LabArchives FAQ in the MIT Knowledge Base.

Need help thinking through your data management needs in addition to setting up LabArchives? Contact Data Management Services at data-management@mit.edu.

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