How can libraries use augmented reality?

Blog post from Diana Hellyar, research intern in the Program on Information Science

In a recent guest post on the MIT Libraries Program on Information Science blog, Diana Hellyar, a graduate research intern in the program, reflected on her investigations into augmented reality, virtual reality, and related technologies.

Diana HellyarLibraries Can Use New Visualization Technology to Engage Readers
My research as a Research Intern for the MIT Libraries Program on Information Science is focused on the applications of emerging virtual reality and visualization technology to library information discovery. The area of virtual reality and other visualization technology is a rapidly changing field. Staying on top of these technologies and applying them into libraries can be difficult since there is little research on the topic. While I was researching the uses of virtual reality in libraries, I came across an example of how some libraries were able to incorporate augmented reality into their children’s department. Out of a dozen examples, this one caught my attention for many reasons. This example is not just a prototype; it was being used in multiple libraries. It was also easily adopted by non-technical librarians and was easy enough to be used by children. Read more

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