Learn Stata and R in Upcoming Workshops on Statistical Software

The following classes will be taught by the Harvard-MIT Data Center (HMDC) Statistical Consultant in fall 2008.

1. Introduction to Stata
Get an introduction to Stata, the statistical analysis software package commonly used at MIT. With hands-on exercises, learn how to import and manage datasets. Novices welcome!

When: two repeat sessions, attend either of the following:Stata logo

  • Tuesday, October 7th, 12-2pm or
  • Wednesday, October 22nd, 12-2pm

2. Introduction to Regression Using Stata
This hands-on class will provide a comprehensive introduction to estimating the linear regression model using ordinary least squares in Stata. Prerequisites: General familiarity with Stata (such as taking the above Intro. workshop) and the linear regression model.

When: Friday, October 31st, 12-2pm

3. Introduction to R
Get an introduction to R, the open-source system for statistical computation and graphics available on Athena. With hands-on exercises, learn how to import and manage datasets, create R objects, and generate figures. Novices welcome!

When: Friday, October 10th, 12-2pm

Note: All Workshops Held In: E53-220

Space is limited. To register, contact: Katherine McNeill, mcneillh@mit.edu.

See also: Consulting: Interested in one-on-one help with statistical analysis and software? The Harvard-MIT Data Center (HMDC) Statistical Consultant can help you via email or an in-person consultation. Contact her via our email form.