IAP 2018

Pick from more than 50 classes from the MIT Libraries


Arts & Crafts
Crossed Structure Binding
Letterlocking: Queen Elizabeth I’s Letterlocking Techniques
Zine-Making Workshop
Finding Images with the MIT Libraries
Artists’ Books @ MIT

Data & Mapping
Introduction to GIS & Mapping
Using Drones for Research: Data Processing & Legal Issues
Python Programming in ArcGIS
GIS Level 2
Introduction to Spatial Statistics in GIS
Data Visualization: Introduction to Tools & Principles
Business Data: Finding & Mapping Company Information
Introduction to Satellite Remote Sensing
Introduction to Virtual Reality
Make an Online Map: Intro to Carto

History & Archives
Rotch Library Limited Access Open House
Letterlocking: Queen Elizabeth I’s Letterlocking Techniques
Get Up, Stand Up! History of Activism at MIT via a Glance at the Institute Archives

Intellectual Property Lunch and Learn Series, co-sponsored with the Technology Licensing Office
Basics of Obtaining a Patent 2018
The Rollercoaster Ride of RNA Biotech Companies: From Obscurity to a $20B Industry
Basics of Copyrights, Data, and Software Intellectual Property
Theses@MIT: Thesis Specifications and Copyright Issues
Author Rights Workshop
Open Access Clinic: How to Make Your Publications Open
You’ve Invented Something Cool! Now What?
The SBIR Program, How Do I Get Involved?
Commercializing Research, Creating Change: MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation
Prior Art Searching of the Patent Literature
Sharing Research Materials: Best Practices to Maximize Collaborations
Social Networking Sites & Article Sharing
Use of Name: Policy and Philosophy
Commercialization of University Technology: Innovation, Tech Transfer and Licensing
The Engine and Early Stage Venture Fundraising

Research Content Management
Quick & Dirty Data Management: Five Things You Should Absolutely Be Doing with Your Data Now
Data Management for Postdocs & Research Scientists
EndNote Basics
Manage Your PDFs & Citations: Zotero & Mendeley
Data Management: Strategies for Data Sharing & Storage
LaTeX/BibTeX & Citation Management Tools
Managing Your Research Code
Data Management: File Organization

Science & Business Research
Bioscience Protocols & Methods: Recipes for Success
Business Information for Engineers & Scientists
Finding Gene Info & More: A Tour of the NCBI “omics” Network
Biotech Business Information for Engineers & Scientists
Patent Searching Fundamentals
Engineering Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
Business Data: Finding & Mapping Company Information
Who’s Doing What? Tools to Reveal the Research Landscape at MIT
Gene Set Enrichment Analysis

Statistics & Programming
Introduction to R
Basic R Programming for Data Analysis
Introduction to Spatial Statistics in GIS
Regression Models in R
Introduction to Python
Introduction to R Graphics with ggplot2
MINITAB Statistical Software
Introduction to Web Scraping with Python
Introduction to Using APIs with Python
Python Programming in ArcGIS