Get full text fast! SFX FullText Finder

The MIT Libraries is pleased to announce a new tool to help you get to online full text fast!

The SFX FullText Finder: //

SFX FullText Finder

If you have a citation to an article, simply type the information into this form and if the MIT Libraries has a subscription you will be given a link directly to the journal. If you have entered enough information, you should be brought directly to the article itself.

This tool will work from off-campus, assuming you already have MIT web certificates.

If the MIT Libraries does not have an online subscription to the journal, you will be presented with a link to run an auto-search of the Barton catalog to see if we own the journal in print. You will also be presented with a link to our Interlibrary Borrowing Service in case we do not own the journal at all.

We hope this tool will be useful to you – please let us know if you have comments or questions about the SFX FullText Finder!