Find your space

Reserve group study rooms for your finals push

Looking for places to work in teams or to practice prStudents working in a group study roomesentations? The Libraries’ group study spaces are the answer! Some are first-come, first-serve, while others can be reserved ahead of time or on the same day. With a dozen study rooms, Dewey has the most reservable spaces by far, but Barker and Hayden each have one as well.

Tablets next to the doors of reservable study rooms allow you to make reservations for any time in the next three hours. To make a future reservation, go through the Outlook web application (see our instructions). And, at any time, you can view the availability of any group study room online. It takes a minute for the page to load, but shows all reservations for Libraries study rooms across campus.

Everything full up in the Libraries? Check out QuickRoom, a tool from the Schedules Office showing classrooms that aren’t currently reserved.