Reserve a group study room

Find the right group study spaces for your group – then reserve it in three easy steps.

Step one – review reservation guidelines:

The number of study rooms is limited and we want to make them available to as many students as possible. Please review the guidelines below before making your reservation. If your request violates any of these guidelines, it will be cancelled.

  • Any current MIT student, faculty or staff may reserve a group study room.
  • Priority is given to groups of two or more – single users can be “bumped” for groups.
  • Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours at a time.
  • Rooms may be reserved no more than 30 days in advance.
  • Reservations for consecutive, concurrent meetings, or recurring meetings are not permitted.
  • Rooms are only available during library hours.
  • Reservations cannot be placed over the phone or by e-mail.

Step two – reserve a group study room:

Immediate in-person reservation:

  • Follow the prompts on the touch screen devices mounted outside each room.
  • These devices allow anyone from the MIT community to book an immediate reservation for up to 3 hours from the current time.
  • This method cannot be used for scheduling future reservations or if the room is currently in use by someone else.

To schedule in advance:
Visit and log in with your Kerberos ID [Note: you must have changed your Kerberos password within the last 12 months for this method to work.] Once logged in:

  1. Check room availability:
  2. Reserve your room:
    Click on a room link to view a room’s features, including capacity and the number for the room’s conference phone. Note: Rooms cannot be reserved through the room availability view (despite text online to the contrary); please use the instructions below to reserve.

    1. Select Meeting Request from the “New” drop-down menu.
    2. In the box next to Resources type LIB:ROOM (including the colon, do not include spaces), then click the “Check Names” icon on the menu ribbon.
    3. A window will pop up with a list of group study rooms: Dewey rooms are in E53, Hayden is 14E-311, Barker is 10-531. Select a room, date, and time.
    4. Enter a description to recognize your meeting in the Subject line.
    5. Click Send.
    6. You will receive an email stating if your request was accepted or declined.
    7. If your request violates any of the reservation guidelines above, your reservation will be cancelled.

To cancel a reservation:

Delete it from your Outlook calendar. This will remove the reservation from the Room Availability page.

Other rooms available for reservation: