Exterior masonry work continues at Barker Library

Window and facade work will produce noise in library spaces

Bryce Vickmark

The Barker Engineering Library – as part of the Institute’s investment in infrastructure renewal – will once again be impacted by the project to replace windows and renew façades as crews begin work on the west side of Building 10, facing the President’s Courtyard.

Construction activities for this work are scheduled to begin on Saturday, June 9, and will continue through November 2018. Window removal construction hours are 10pm– 6am nightly, beginning June 9. Masonry demolition and repair is scheduled to commence on Monday, June 11, with anticipated hours of 6am-3pm daily.

Barker will remain open throughout the duration of the project, but users of the space should expect noise and vibration throughout the library.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this work.