Collections of the Library Exhibit at Sydney Pacific through October

Andrew Shea, employee of Barker Engineering Library, has photographs currently on exhibit at Sydney Pacific through the end of October.
Shea photograph
In his own words, “I am a photographer who reframes familiar environments. I prefer to immerse myself in the caveats of common spaces and challenge myself to redefine them by layering their distinctive elements.

As I approach each space that I photograph, I consider its texture and expressiveness, what others would notice about the space and how it might be photorealistically represented. My goal is to create images that resuscitate the visual expressiveness of each space by combining the unique features that tell its story.

To do this I use old cameras that function as layering devices and compose images on top of each other in sequential order before advancing the film. These multiple exposures include two or more vital elements such as the bark of a tree, the architectural feature of a building, the contours of an expanse, or a face of someone in the environment. Though one element usually dominates the composition, together they create self-containing narratives that speak beyond any of their singular elements. In this way, each photo becomes a unique portrayal of its environment.”

View more of Andrew’s work on his website or email him with questions/comments.