SIP class “Introduction to Design Thinking” working on Libraries project

Hayden-collage-webThe Hayden Library will be the subject of a Sloan Innovation Period (SIP) class, “Introduction to Design Thinking,” taught by faculty member Virginia Healy-Tangney and the staff of Continuum (a Boston area design consultancy).

5 teams of 5 students will learn how to use design thinking techniques and develop ideas to improve Hayden Library’s service experience.  The MIT Libraries’ Space Programming Group has met with the class instructors and suggested areas for exploration such as needs related to collaboration, using digital information, media creation, etc.

The class takes place March 16-18, and will include library tours, student observations/interviews and other activities.  Don’t be surprised if you see student teams walking around Hayden library, taking photos, talking to people and working together in groups.

This opportunity came our way as the result of a connection made between a student member of the Faculty Committee on the Library System and the Sloan Design Club.  This is just one of the many ways the Libraries will continue to listen and learn from our users as we develop our space planning efforts.

The problem statement for the class is as follows:

Overall Challenge: How can we [the library] be more responsive to user needs and facilitate interactions between people and content without compromising our traditional role and a quiet space for study and reflection?

5 Individual Statements

  • Awareness and Resources: How can we increase awareness of what services are available at the library?
  • Access to Media: How can we better present digital information for consumption (media stations and access, creation rooms)?
  • Social / Communal Spaces: How can we increase social and community interactions?
  • Collaborative Work Spaces: How should we incorporate more collaborative spaces?
  • Integrating Partner Services: What partnerships or service capabilities should we offer (IT help desk, Writing Center) to provide a more holistic experience for users?