Unboxing the Chomsky Archive

New website offers a glimpse at a lifetime of work, and the chance to support it

photo of Noam Chomsky

Photo by: Philip van Ootegem

Two years after the MIT Libraries’ Institute Archives were chosen as the stewards of Noam Chomsky’s personal papers, over 260 boxes of the professor emeritus’ materials have been transferred, organized, and re-housed in the Archives.

A new website offers a preview of some of the unique materials found in the collection, as well as a way to support the archival project. Through slideshows on the site you can explore Chomsky’s contributions to MIT, the field of linguistics, his political activism, and his dedication to social justice. Read notes Chomsky prepared for lectures, go to the front lines of political protests he attended, read his personal correspondence with other great thinkers, and learn how his views shaped the
political discourse.

The Chomsky Archive needs your help
Additional funding is needed to further expand access to this valuable resource for students, researchers, and those wishing to preserve Chomsky’s remarkable legacy. A gift of any size will contribute to this important work.

With your help we will:
• Process the collection, ensuring that any restrictions, fragile materials, photographs, and digital materials are handled with care, and that materials are described accurately for researchers and future digitization purposes.
• Digitize the collection so that researchers from all over the world can have access to the materials without physically visiting MIT.

Help us toward our $1.5M goal
Go to libraries.mit.edu/chomsky and click the “Give Now“ button, or contact us at chomskyproject@mit.edu.