From the Director

Fall 2020

In the face of unprecedented challenges, the critical work of MIT carries on, and the Libraries, even after closing our physical doors, never stopped enabling this work to continue. This will be a very different academic year at MIT, as community members will be teaching, learning, and connecting with each other in all kinds of new ways. The MIT Libraries are also adapting, as we work harder than ever to maximize equitable digital access to content and services.

As so much of MIT’s research, teaching, and learning have moved online in response to the global coronavirus pandemic, it became clear to me that our vision for “a world where enduring, abundant, equitable, and meaningful access to information serves to empower and inspire humanity” was ever more relevant and urgent.

Amidst the challenges of 2020, the MIT Libraries also had much to celebrate: We welcomed Erin Stalberg as associate director for Collections in May, and announced that Alexia Hudson-Ward, our new associate director for Research and Learning, will join us this fall. I am thrilled to have both of these outstanding women as part of the Libraries’ senior leadership; you can learn more about Erin and Alexia in this issue of Bibliotech.

Erin and Alexia join a tremendously committed staff that have demonstrated flexibility, generosity, and an unwavering dedication to providing access to knowledge, so that research and learning can continue at MIT and beyond. This has always been true, but it really stands out during a pandemic. I thank them for their diligence, and I thank you for providing the support that enables all of us to meet these challenges head on.

I look forward to the day we can come together again as a community; until then, I hope you and your families remain safe and connected.

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