Open Access Stories

Map of the worldSee what readers from around the globe have said about articles shared through the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy:

“ I am now part of an important academic and civic conversation I would never have had access to otherwise…Open access to these articles means open access to not only information but to the very community of people that care about and work on the topics shared. This is the way forward.” -Researcher, Mexico

“I greatly appreciate the access to your research. It’s very frustrating to find most papers behind paywalls, even when the research was supported by tax dollars.” -Researcher, USA

“ I’m currently applying for a PhD position and this open access article is essential for my proposal.” -Student, Brazil

“ I feel your open access initiative is critical to avoid formation of data silos or concentration of knowledge among the rich or privileged.” -Researcher, India

“ I am writing a thesis proposal…I need access to literature on multispecies ethnography. Yet I cannot afford to buy this particular article I find relevant to my study. I am glad the MIT faculty made this article openly available.” -Student, Philippines