AMS, OSA Confirm Cooperation with MIT Faculty Open Access Policy

Two more society publishers have confirmed cooperation with the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy:   The American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Optical Society of America (OSA).   MIT authors do not need to provide an amendment to the AMS or OSA publication agreements or take any other special action in order to work with these publishers under the MIT policy.  oapolicylogofinal

The faculty policy, established by on March 18, 2009, makes the faculty’s scholarly articles openly available on the web.  Papers are being shared via MIT’s research repository, DSpace@MIT.

To submit a paper under the policy, please send the final submitted manuscript, post peer-review, but prior to the publisher’s formatting, as an email attachment to or upload a paper through a web form.

To review other confirmed publisher responses, please see: Publishers and the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy. Please send any questions about publishers not yet on the page to

For more information:

MIT Faculty Open Access Policy

Details on working with the policy