MIT Faculty Open Access Policy: An Idea Spreads

In the wake of the Harvard and MIT faculty open access policies, many other US universities have adopted similar policies, including the two most recently announced at Princeton and Bucknell.

In discussions leading up to the creation of their Open Access Policy the MIT faculty expressed a commitment not only to making MIT’s research more widely available, but also to encouraging such openness at other universities.

Since the faculty policy was put in place, MIT has had conversations about open access with many other universities. A partial list includes Cornell, Duke, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, Penn State, UMass Medical, University of Barcelona, University of Kansas,
University of Michigan, University of North Texas, University of Pittsburgh, University of Washington, Washington University, Wellesley, and Yale. MIT is also participating in the new Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI).

This news is being reported in celebration of the second anniversary of the Open Access Articles Collection, which houses papers under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, and International Open Access Week, which runs from October 24 through 28.

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MIT Faculty Open Access Policy