Open access downloads: March 2023

Statistics from the OA collection of DSpace@MIT

Downloads this month: 246,462; Downloads since OA policy began: 23,091,351; Articles in the OA collection: 50,337; Featured country: United States, 91,556 downloadsThe Open Access Collection of DSpace@MIT includes scholarly articles by MIT-affiliated authors made available through open access policies at MIT or publisher agreements.

Each month we highlight the month’s download numbers and a few of the most-downloaded articles in the collection, and we feature stats and comments from a particular country. You may have noticed that this month’s number of articles in the OA collection (50,337) is fewer than last month’s number (53,701). We realized our method for gathering data was not the most accurate and have now corrected it. Apologies!

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Top downloaded articles for March:

Fake news, fast and slow: Deliberation reduces belief in false (but not true) news headlines, Bence Bago, David G. Rand, Gordon Pennycook

Who falls for fake news? The roles of bullshit receptivity, overclaiming, familiarity, and analytic thinking, Gordon Pennycook, David G. Rand

Analyzing uncertainty in a comparative life cycle assessment of hand drying systems, Jeremy R. Gregory, Trisha M. Montalbo, Randolph E. Kirchain