MIT open access articles exceed 100K downloads in August

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In August 2015, downloads of the 17,700 articles deposited in the Open Access Articles Collection in DSpace@MIT topped 3.4 million, with over 100,000 downloads during the month – this was the third month where downloads exceeded 100K. These articles are deposited in accordance with the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy.

One student who downloads from these articles said: 

“I am a PhD student at a rather big university in Germany and even here we don’t have access to all relevant papers we need to produce relevant and impactful research. … If one imagines the situation at smaller universities or universities in less fortunate countries it is clear that the current publishing model is detrimental to the open spirit which underlies rigorous scientific advancement. I sincerely thank the MIT faculty for providing open access to their work and hope that open access will become the norm in scientific publishing.”

Other readers’ comments are available at the Scholarly Publishing website.

Screenshot of a popular article in the OA collectionAmong the top 10 most downloaded articles for the month of August 2015 were:

To view download statistics or visualize them on a global map, visit the Open Access Article Statistics site.

MIT authors may deposit a manuscript to the collection by logging in to DSpace@MIT.

This news is part of a series of monthly reports on activity related to the Open Access Articles Collection in DSpace@MIT, which was launched in October 2009 to house articles deposited in association with the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy.

Ellen Finnie Duranceau, Program Manager, Scholarly Publishing, Copyright & Licensing, MIT Libraries