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Topic guide Expert librarian
Aeronautics & astronautics Barbara Williams
Affirmative action Ask Us
Anthropology & archaeology Ece Turnator
Architectural design Kai Alexis Smith
Architecture & art Kai Alexis Smith
Archival Research Ask Distinctive Collections
Art & architecture of the Islamic world
ASME papers & publications Claire Berman
Astronomy & astrophysics Barbara Williams
Atmospheric sciences Alejandro Paz
Biography Ask Us
Biological data & atlases
Biological engineering Howard Silver
Biotechnology & pharmaceutical industry information Shikha Sharma
Bioscience protocols & methods Howard Silver
Building technology Kai Alexis Smith
Business resources Shikha Sharma
Census & demographic data Jennie Murack
Chemical engineering Ye Li
Chemical prices Shikha Sharma
Chemistry Ye Li
Civil engineering Ask Us
Classical studies Mark Szarko
Companies Shikha Sharma
Computation in architecture Kai Alexis Smith
Computer science Phoebe Ayers
Congressional publications Jennifer Greenleaf
Copyright Katie Zimmerman
Corporate reports Shikha Sharma
Country data & analysis Nicholas Albaugh
Data Ask Us
Data management
Designing & making stuff Claire Berman
Digital humanities Ece Turnator
Disinformation Ask Us
Earth sciences Alejandro Paz
Economics Nicholas Albaugh
Education Ask Us
Education: Open educational resources Nicholas Albaugh
Electrical engineering Phoebe Ayers
Energy Ask Us
English language resources Ask Us
Environment Alejandro Paz
Environmental engineering Ask Us
Ethnic studies Ask Us
Film studies Mark Szarko
Finance Shikha Sharma
General reference Ask Us
GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Government information Jennifer Greenleaf
Health care management Shikha Sharma
History Ece Turnator
Images, finding Kai Alexis Smith
Images, using – copyright & fair use Katie Zimmerman
Industries Shikha Sharma
Innovation & entrepreneurship Nicholas Albaugh
Islamic art & architecture
Languages, non-English Tina Chan
Law Ask Us
Library & information science Deborah Lenares
Linguistics Ece Turnator
Literature Mark Szarko
Market research Shikha Sharma
Marketing Shikha Sharma
Materials science & engineering Ye Li
Mathematics Phoebe Ayers
Mechanical engineering Claire Berman
Media studies Mark Szarko
MIT ArchivesSpace Ask Distinctive Collections
MIT buildings Kai Alexis Smith
MIT history Ask Distinctive Collections
MIT in popular culture Ask Us
MIT people Ask Distinctive Collections
MIT records management
Music Avery Boddie
Neuroscience & cognitive science
News, newspapers, & current events Ask Us
Newspapers: foreign language Tina Chan
Newspapers: historical Ece Turnator
Nuclear engineering Alejandro Paz
Ocean engineering & naval architecture Claire Berman
Oceanography Alejandro Paz
Patents Nicholas Albaugh
Philosophy Mark Szarko
Physics Barbara Williams
Planetary sciences Alejandro Paz
Political science Jennifer Greenleaf
Properties of materials & chemicals Ye Li
Publishing help Katharine Dunn
Racial justice and anti-racism resources Deborah Lenares
Real estate
Resources and tools for computational research
SAE technical papers Phoebe Ayers
Science, technology & society (STS) Ece Turnator
Social science data services Ask Us
Social sciences & sociology
See also: Quick Answers: Social Sciences & Management
Ask Us
Spectra resources Ye Li
Standards Phoebe Ayers
Statistical software Jennie Murack
Streaming media @ MIT Ask Us
Sustainable business Shikha Sharma
Technical reports Ask Us
Theater arts Mark Szarko
Theses, finding Ask Us
Theses, MIT – preparing, copyright & more
Trade statistics Nicholas Albaugh
Transportation Jennifer Greenleaf
Urban studies & planning
Virtual Reference Collection Ask Us
Wellness – MindHandHeart Collection Courtney Crummett
Women@MIT Ask Distinctive Collections
Women’s & gender studies Jennifer Greenleaf
Working papers in the MIT Libraries Nicholas Albaugh