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Choose the best search tools and services to help you find and get the articles, books, and other research materials you need.

Default “All” quick search

The new default search on our site (see above) offers a quick way to get to books, CDs, DVDs, articles, journals, archives and manuscripts collections, and website information. Learn more about how this quick search works.

Books + media

The “books + media” tab above searches BartonPlus, but is scoped to only show results that are books (including e-books and audio books), CDs, DVDs, scores, etc.

Choosing the “libraries worldwide” option will run the search in MIT’s WorldCat, where you can request materials via BorrowDirect (Interlibrary Borrowing requests are currently disabled in MIT’s WorldCat).

Other options for finding books and media:

Journals + articles

The “Journals + articles” tab above searches BartonPlus, but is scoped to only show results that are journals, articles, and databases. 

Other options for finding journals +articles:

  • Vera: Search for e-journals and databases (by title) that are owned or licensed by the MIT Libraries. Don’t search for individual articles here, you won’t find them.
  • Subject guides + experts: Many specialized databases exist for finding articles in certain subject areas, or by format. Use these subject guides to find them, or ask a librarian with subject expertise.

More specialized search tools

The “More” tab above provides a search of the Libraries’ website – search here for library staff, services, subject-based research guides, etc. as well as links to some other commonly used search tools.

Other specialized search tools:

  • Archnet: Resources on architecture, urbanism, environmental and landscape design, visual culture, and conservation issues related to the Muslim world.
  • ArchivesSpace: Archives and manuscript collections in Distinctive Collections. See also our guide on Using MIT ArchivesSpace.
  • DSpace@MIT: MIT theses, papers, articles, technical reports, and other research materials in MIT’s institutional repository.
  • Dome: Search for images, maps, and other documents from the MIT Libraries’ collections that have been digitized.
  • GeoWeb: Find GIS/spatial data available at MIT.
  • FullText FinderEnter a specific citation to find the full text of an article.
  • Subject guides: Find the best specialized tools for finding information by subject and by format (chemistry, energy, marketing, data, images, patents, etc.)