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China Comes to Tech: 1877-1931

In 1877, the first student from China matriculated at MIT. By 1910, China was sending more students to MIT than any other foreign country. From these beginnings, the Institute became one of the most popular...

February 10, 2017 - March 2, 2018

Upcoming Exhibits

There are no upcoming exhibit announcements at this time. New exhibits are added throughout the year, so please check back.

Past Exhibits

MMaihaugen Gallery Exhibit

The Great Stride: MIT Moves to Cambridge

MIT was one of the initial occupants of Boston’s Back Bay in the 1860s, but within 40 years there was little vacant acreage for the maturing Institute to acquire in the rapidly developing neighborhood. By...

Ended November 30, 2016
MMaihaugen Gallery Exhibit

Quadrupedia: The Animal Kingdom Considered

Humans interact with animals in many different ways. We see some as friends, others as mortal threats. Animals plow our land, pull our wagons, feed us and clothe us. They serve as mascots for sports...

Ended November 30, 2015
MMaihaugen Gallery Exhibit

Wired: A World Transformed by the Telegraph

Long before telephone or text, instantaneous messages travelled by telegraph. Explore the historic significance of this technological triumph of the 19th century through an exhibit featuring books, telegrams, photographs, and ephemera from the Libraries’ Peterson Telegraphy Collection....

Ended June 19, 2015
MMaihaugen Gallery Exhibit

Maihaugen Gallery Exhibits Archive: 2008-2014

This page lists the exhibits from 2008-2014 at the MIT Libraries’ Maihaugen Gallery. Thanks for the Memory: 50+ Years of Computing at MIT March 10th – July 2014 MIT has a long history of working...

Ended July 31, 2014