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Potential research questions

Research possibilities

Within our defined research scope, CREOS intends to convene, sponsor and conduct original research aimed at answering relevant and timely questions that will advance our collective knowledge about how best to accelerate the global transition to more equitable and open scholarship.

Below are examples of some of the research questions we hope to explore. Please suggest addition research projects and questions by contacting us at

Incentives and barriers to open and equitable scholarship

  • How do demographic and disciplinary differences impact individual scholar’s attitudes and behaviors in open scholarship?
  • Under what conditions are institutional actors (universities, scholarly societies, research funders) likely to support open science policies and practices?
  • What are the barriers to ensuring global equity in the scholarly community and the scholarly record?

Impacts of open and equitable scholarship

  • Under what conditions does open scholarship (articles, data, code) enhance discovery, reproducibility, and accumulation of knowledge?
  • What are the impacts of a lack of global equity in the scholarly community and the scholarly record?
  • What are the impacts of increased representation of marginalized voices, methods, and communities in scholarly publications and in the scholarly record?

Economic models for open and equitable scholarship

  • How do different economic models for open access publishing impact various stakeholders (publishers, libraries, universities, funders)?
  • What are the short and long term implications for various economic models for open scholarship?
  • What are the various economic implications of lack of openness and equity in scholarly publishing?