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Research Activities

CREOS Research

  • Rigorous, evidence-based research to inform actions
  • Tackling grand challenges
  • Multidisciplinary problem solving and methodologies
  • Leading where appropriate, listening always

Research Activities

Postdoctoral Research Program in Equitable and Open Scholarship supported by the Mellon Foundation

The Mellon Foundation has generously funded a two-year program which will enable CREOS to bring three postdoctoral scholars to campus to work on CREOS question areas. Under the supervision of Chris Bourg, Ph.D, Director, MIT Libraries, Micah Altman, Ph.D, Research Scientist, and other MIT faculty and Libraries staff, these postdocs will develop a robust set of research projects under each of the areas of:

  • Incentives and barriers to open and equitable scholarship
  • Impacts of open and equitable scholarship
  • Economic models for open and equitable scholarship

Postdoctoral job postings

Exploring Open Access Effects on Monograph Revenues

This research project aims to use readily available data from the MIT Press to explore the effects of open availability on monograph revenues. There is ongoing tension between the desire of scholars to share their work widely and openly, and the need to fund the infrastructure and labor of publishing.

One place in which this tension is most evident is in the sale of scholarly monographs. Understanding both the costs of production and the change in revenue to publishers and authors will be helpful to libraries and publishers. Communicating these costs clearly will be useful to the relationship between these stakeholders and faculty authors. Micah Altman, Ph.D. is the research scientist leading this work.

Designing Review and Evaluation for Open Scholarship

The broad objective of this area of research is to inform the design and application of review and evaluation in open scholarship and meta-research.

CLIR/DLF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Curation for Energy Social Science

Canceled due to COVID-19
This CLIR/DLF sponsored postdoctoral fellowship in Data Curation for Energy Social Science is hosted jointly between CREOS and the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR). The original research by the postdoc will be under the direction of Christopher R. Knittel, Ph.D, George P. Shultz Professor of Applied Economics, MIT, Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, MIT and Chris Bourg, Ph.D, Director, MIT Libraries.

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