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Middle East Librarians Association seeking nominations for two vacancies

The Nominating Committee of the Middle East Librarians Association is soliciting nominations (and self-nominations) for two vacancies:

1. Vice President/Program Chair
2. Member-at-Large

Both the Vice President and the Member-at-Large serve on MELA’s Executive Board.

For a full description of the responsibilities of these office holders, please take a look at the bylaws.

Nominees shall be selected from among members with good standing. Joining is easy and is open to anyone who is employed by an institution to service Middle East library materials in a professional capacity (selection, acquisition, cataloging, indexing, reference work, administration, and/or preparation of research tools), as well as any other person who has an interest in these aspects of Middle East library materials.

Please submit your nominations to the Nominating Committee by 1 OCTOBER 2017

Please do not hesitate to contact the Nominating Committee if you have any questions.