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New Exhibition: Red Monastery Church Restoration

Interior of the Red Monastery Church. Photo: Arnaldo Vescovo, courtesy of the American Research Center in Egypt

A new Archnet exhibition highlights the interior of the Church of Saints Bishai and Bigol in the Sohag Province of Egypt.  Perhaps better known as the Church of the Red Monastery because of the red brick walls used in the construction of the monastery, the church was established in the 4th c. as a center of the large monastic community  in Upper Egypt. It is remarkable for the vividly colored paintings covering about eighty percent of the the interior.

The photographs in this exhibition show the interior after a decade-long restoration effort of the American Research Center in Egypt. The collection also contains an introductory essay by Elizabeth Bolman, Director of the Restoration project. The photographs are by Arnaldo Vescovo, known for his archeological and architectural photographs.  His work has previously been featured in the Archnet exhibition Archeological Tunisia.

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