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Hisham Munir Archive: Selections on Archnet

Hisham Munir

Hisham Munir

Selections from the archive of Iraqi architect Hisham Munir, are now available on Archnet.  Munir was a founder of Department of Architecture at the University of Baghdad. In 1957 his firm partnered with The Architects Collaborative (TAC) to build parts of the massive campus of University City in Baghdad, the first of many collaborations between Munir and Associates and TAC. His best known work includes the University of Mosul (1956), the Agricultural Complex (1975), the Iraqi Reinsurance Company in Baghdad (1976), Sheraton Hotels in Baghdad and Basra (1981), the Al-Sabah Complex in Kuwait (1976), and the Unknown Soldier Monument (1982).

Like his fellow Iraqi architects Mohamed Makiya and Rifat Chadirji, Hisham Munir has donated his archives to AKDC.

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