“Your Account” Self Service Improvement

The MIT Libraries are launching an improved feature in Your Account that will provide faculty, students, and staff with quicker access to regular books that are currently on loan. Starting Wednesday, September 5th, when you place a request for a book on loan using Your Account, the current due date will be shortened and you will have faster access to the book you request.
Previously a request would not be placed on hold until the book was returned on the original due date. The person who had the book was not aware that it was requested by someone else, and the book might not be available to the next person for many weeks or even months. The new system is designed to provide the requested item within a week, when the current user has had the item for a week or more. A two-week loan is guaranteed unless a book is needed for reserves.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Steve Gass, the Associate Director for Public Services for the MIT Libraries.