“Water, Water, Every Where…” [1]

Libraries resources on the topic of water

Ocean_waves_waterOne of the most active areas of ongoing research and coursework at MIT is water: its technologies, policies, present resources, and future demands. The MIT Libraries acquire many new books, journals, and databases to support these topics. Here’s a look at some of our newest resources.

Water Intelligence Online, is a fully searchable, indexed archive of water and environmentally related information. With over 90 major reference books and 150 research reports, including those from the International Water Association, it’s easy to search and find full text.

Desal Data and Water Resources Abstracts are popular sources for statistics and articles.

Several new journals show the breadth of the collection:

We hope these sources help meet your water needs. Ask Us! if they don’t!


[1] Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Accessed March 23, 2016.