Vera’s getting a major makeover in August!

Vera is getting a makeover! In mid-August the old Vera interface will be retired and the new Vera Multi-Search will take its place. You can check out the new interface now: Vera Multi-Search

Screenshot of new Vera Multi-Search

The new Vera Multi-Search will still help you quickly find electronic journals, databases, and e-books, but now it will also help you search for articles and papers within journals, conference proceedings, etc.

It uses what’s known as a “federated search” to search databases from different publishers’ sites at once, including Web of Science, Proquest Research Library, our own library catalog, Barton, and more. It then merges the results and presents them to you in the Vera Multi-Search interface. When you click on a title, you are linked back to the publisher’s site that contains the full text of that article.

See our FAQ for more information and please let us know what you think!