Tango Club donates CDs to the Lewis Music Library

The MIT Tango Club recently made a donation of 89 compact discs to the Lewis Music Library. The gift includes historic performances by artists such as Rodolfo Biagi, Miguel Calo, Francisco Canaro, Angel D’Agostino, Juan d’Arienzo, Carlos di Sarli, Edgardo Donato, Osvaldo Fresedo, Pedro Laurenz, Ricardo Tanturi, and Orquesta Tipica Victor.

The first discs are on the shelves and ready to circulate. To find them, go to Barton advanced search, set “Formats/Types:” to CDs, and search for the subject Tangos.

Other subjects you can explore:
Popular music — Argentina.
Popular music — Argentina — 1921-1930.
Popular music — Argentina — 1931-1940.
Popular music — Argentina — 1941-1950.
Popular music — Argentina — 2001-2010.
Underground dance music.

Music compact discs circulate for 3 days (limit of 5, no renewals). The library is located in Bldg. 14E-109 and library hours are posted on the web.