Survey explores use of scholarly communication tools

Help increase the understanding of research workflows

1001 innovations surveyCurious about the types of scholarly communication tools used by your colleagues at MIT? Interested in knowing which tools are popular throughout academia? Our colleagues at Utrecht University Library (Netherlands) are, too. They are sponsoring a survey about use of scholarly communication tools, the growing body of traditional and emerging resources and platforms that are used for discovery, analysis, writing, and publication. Examples include Google Scholar, Web of Science, Mendeley, EndNote, arXive, ORCID, ResearchGate, and Altmetric.

We invite you to participate by using this survey link created specifically for the MIT community. The survey is open until February 10.

You can also share this general survey link with your colleagues at other institutions. The survey takes approximately 8-12 minutes to complete, and you can opt to receive a characterization of your workflow compared to that of your peer group.

By participating, you will help increase the understanding of research workflows and eventually help improve the efficiency of scholarly communication. You may even get new insights about your own workflow.

Learn more about this research and its sponsors.