Study Sanctuary—Hayden’s Lipchitz Courtyard

The Lipchitz Courtyard within Building 14 (adjacent to Hayden Library) is a hidden gem—a quiet, leafy retreat where you can find a sunny or shady spot to pull up a chair and read a book, or enjoy artwork from MIT’s Public Art Collection.  The courtyard contains three sculptures by 20th century Cubist artist Jacques Lipchitz.

This summer the flower beds and planters in the courtyard have been replanted and new patio umbrellas installed, thanks to the generosity of an MIT alumnus who’s interested in keeping the courtyard an inviting and well-used community space.  Now it’s even more of an oasis.  Come check it out!

To learn more about the public art in and around Hayden Library and other locations on campus see the List Visual Arts Center’s interactive map.