SciFinder Scholar 2006 now available

SciFinder Scholar 2006 is now available ­for PCs (the Mac version is coming later this fall). Download SciFinder Scholar 2006 using the installation instructions.

What’s new

  • Structure similarity searching – uses CAS structure descriptors and the Tanimoto algorithm to help you find structurally-related substances
  • New structure and reaction query tools:
    • Variable Attachment Position tool – this tool allows you to define the attachment of a substituent to multiple points on a ring
    • Repeating Group tool – this tool allows you to specify variable chain lengths and ring sizes
  • Query highlighting in reaction searching – allows for quick identification of query components in the reactions
  • Easy access to additional reaction information – reaction answers can more easily allow you to access retro-synthetic information, commercial availability, regulatory information, and references for each compound participating in a reaction
  • Enhanced multi-step reaction display – CAS generated multi-step reactions can now be expanded to see all intermediate steps in detail in a single view
  • New quick look-up of research references – a new retrieval capability to locate a specific reference based on input of one to many known bibliographic attributes, such as title words, author, journal title, etc.
  • Duplicate detection/removal – duplicate references can be removed from your CAplus and MEDLINE® reference answer set

Note: SciFinder Scholar 2002 is not supported after March 31, 2006!

Contact Erja Kajosalo, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Librarian, with questions regarding SciFinder Scholar.