Python for Map Creation in ArcMap

Automate map design in GIS

Event date April 7, 2017 9:30am - 12:30pm

Python logoThis is a 2-day workshop on April 7 and April 14. Please attend both days.

Day 1: You’ll learn just enough Python scripting to work with it in ArcGIS and feel comfortable in Day 2 of the workshop.

Day 2: This day will focus on using Python to automate map making. With the ArcPy mapping module you can easily create and update map layers and content to create customized maps that can be exported for presentations and reports. Whether you need to create 10 or 1000 maps, you’ll learn how to save time by using Python.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of ArcGIS

Location: 14N-132 DIRC
Contact: Jennie Murack