New copiers now accepting TechCASH at MIT Libraries!

On August 1, new copiers were installed in Barker, Dewey, Hayden, and Rotch Libraries. Most of the older copiers have been removed, though one old copier remains in each of these libraries that still accepts the old Copy Cards. The new copiers will require TechCASH, Guest TechCASH, or new Copy/Print Only TechCASH cards for payment for copying and outside user printing.

MIT community: Copying will cost $.10 per page when paid for with TechCASH through an MIT ID.

MIT users without TechCASH can create TechCASH accounts at any time through the TechCASH web site. [note different address for the MIT community, with the “https” at the beginning ]

Guest TechCASH for MIT visitors: Copying and printing will cost $.15 per page with Guest TechCASH. Guest TechCASH can be used anywhere on campus where TechCASH is accepted, (e.g. La Verde’s, Forbes Coffee, etc. ) Value can be added to Guest TechCASH cards at any time with a credit card through the Guest TechCASH web site. [note different address from above, and that the URL begins with “http” rather than “https”]

Copy/Print Only TechCASH cards: Users with balances of greater than $10.00 (100 copies) can roll over copies from the existing (old) copy card system, Copies will be put on Copy/Print Only TechCASH cards. These cards are only valid in the MIT Libraries, and will expire June 30, 2009. Departments that want to purchase copies for a group to use will be issued Copy/Print Only TechCASH cards. Visit Document Services in the basement of Hayden Library for more information.

An old copier will be maintained in Barker, Dewey, Hayden, and Rotch until October 31, 2008. Anyone with an old copy card can continue to make copies with one of these older copiers until October 31.

Copier Locations: //

TechCASH FAQ: //

Note: On August 1, 2008, TechCASH will become the preferred method of payment for photocopying in the MIT Libraries. If you have purchased a Copy/Print Card from the MIT Libraries prior to August 1, 2008, please consult the FAQ: Tech Cash in the MIT Libraires to find out what to do after this change.