Herb Pomeroy Jazz Collection

MIT's "father of jazz"

Herb Pomeroy

Photo: L. Barry Hetherington

The 10th Annual Herb Pomeroy Memorial Concert is Friday, May 12, at 8pm in Kresge Auditorium.

Learn about MIT’s “Father of Jazz” and founder of MIT’s jazz performance program in the Institute Archives. The Herb Pomeroy Jazz Collection contains a wide variety of materials documenting Pomeroy’s teaching and performing careers, including scores, audio recordings, photographs, correspondence, news clippings, and more.

For a preview of the collection, visit the Herb Pomeroy Jazz Collection website, which includes audio clips, links to interviews and videos, and information about Pomeroy as a performer, bandleader, educator, and arranger.

For more information, please contact pomeroycollection@mit.edu.