New photography exhibit at Rotch Library – An Uncertain Moment

KosovoAn Uncertain Moment
Laura Rushfeldt
December 1, 2009 – January 8, 2010

Rotch Library (7-238)

This exhibition provides a photo chronicle of contemporary life in Kosovo. Kosovo’s political condition and its effect on the Kosovar people is complex, ambiguous, and fluid. At best, this effect can be grasped only through examples and snapshots that provide momentary understanding. The exhibition is an attempt is to provide a lens into contemporary Kosovo through the individuals the artist met and the stories they were willing to share with her. The collection of many small stories culminated in two larger ones, the lives of Medina, an 11-year old girl growing up in a suburb of Prishtina, and Sabahet, a student at Prishtina University. This volume chronicles their daily life, with the remnants and ripples of past conflict still visible and affecting them today.