Overview & Display of Archival Collections at the Aga Khan Documentation Center

Find out more about the materials in the archive and how you can use them for your work

Event date October 20, 2016 2:30 - 4pm

Madrasa-i GhiyathiyyaWould you like to see what physical archives the Aga Khan Documentation Center (AKDC) has acquired in the five years since the Center’s inception? Are you familiar with archives as repositories and resources available to you, for study or inquiry?

This event is planned as an exposure to the Center’s physical collections and to archives in general (if attendees are not already familiar with what archives are). There will be a display of selections from our various collections, and you will hear a brief overview of them. We will talk about the types of material housed here and some of the issues involved with keeping archival material. Also covered will be information on how and why one would use an archive and how to find archives.

Questions and discussion will be welcomed. Depending on the interests of the attendees, we can focus on all or some of the above or anything about archives.

Location: Rotch Library, 7-238
Contact: Betsy Baldwin