Window to My World 4 opening reception – Tuesday, 10/18

Photograph exhibition in Rotch Library
October 17 – December 28, 2011
Opening reception: October 18, 5:30-7:30 pm

“Window to My World” is a photograph competition that is held annually, and which is open to all those residing in Israel and the Galilee. The theme of this year’s competition is the winds of change in the Galilee. In recent years the region of Galilee has undergone many changes that find expression in all spheres: social, cultural, technological, and ecological, as well as in various projects and initiatives.

Participating in the competition this year were 63 Arab and Jewish photographers from a broad spectrum of ages and from all parts of the country. They used the medium of film as a tool for transmitting their own personal stories, their weltanschauung, and their individual points of view regarding the changes that are taking place in the Galilee and the influence of these changes on the landscape and the residents of this region. Through this exhibition one may glimpse a mosaic of cultures, traditions, world views, and a fascinating human panorama.

The three previous “Windows of My World” exhibitions were held in the Lady Roslyn Lyons Gallery in the ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering in Karmiel, and parts of these exhibitions were shown in Pittsburgh, USA in 2007.

The artists participating in this exhibition made use of the photograph as a non-verbal means of communication that bridges over the gaps between language and culture. The realistic dimension of this medium allows the observer to connect with the subject of the photograph and to understand it in depth.

The ORT Braude College which stands in the heart of the Galilee in Carmiel attributes great importance to the development of the Galilee by its encouragement and support for the changes occurring in the region in various spheres and has therefore chosen to give its patronage to this project.

The competition and exhibition were the result of the initiative and direction of Eppy Omiel-Pedida in cooperation with Shlomi Schvartsberg, curator and director of the gallery.
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Exhibit at Rotch Library sponsored by MISTI MIT-Israel and MIT Hillel.