Open access downloads: July 2023

Statistics from the OA collection of DSpace@MIT

Downloads this month: 242,953; Downloads since OA policy began: 24,052,972; Articles in the OA collection:50,867; Featured country: United States; 105,609 downloads The Open Access Collection of DSpace@MIT includes scholarly articles by MIT-affiliated authors made available through open access policies at MIT or publisher agreements.

Each month we highlight the month’s download numbers and a few of the most-downloaded articles in the collection, and we feature stats and comments from a particular country.

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Top downloaded articles for July:

Design and Manufacturing of a High-Specific-Power Electric Machine for Aircraft Propulsion, Henry Andersen, Yuankang Chen, Mohammad M. Qasim, David G. Cuadrado, David M. Otten, Edward Greitzer, David J. Perreault, James L. Kirtley, Jr., Jeffrey H. Lang, Zoltán Spakovszky

In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Italian Mezzogiorno, Joshua Angrist, Erich Battistin, Daniela Vuri

Regulating Uber: The Politics of the Platform Economy in Europe and the United States, Kathleen Thelen

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