Folk music and jazz purchased on the Pierce fund

Here are some recent music titles that have been purchased with an endowed fund that was established in honor of John N. Pierce ’54 (see history of the fund, below). Click on an image to see its Barton catalog record:

Bluegrass Reader
The bluegrass reader / edited
by Thomas Goldsmith.
ML3520.B58 2006
Miles Davis
Davis, Miles. Miles Davis.
M85.D3857 2006
[score & audio CD]
Ballad of John Axon
MacColl, Ewan. The ballad of
John Axon: a radio-ballad about
the railwaymen of England.
1475467 [precat]
Body blow
MacColl, Ewan. The body blow:
a radio-ballad about the
psychology of pain.
1475477 [precat]
On the Edge
MacColl, Ewan. On the edge:
a radio-ballad about teenagers
in England and Scotland.
1475478 [precat]
Ratliff, Ben. Coltrane: the
story of a sound.
ML419.C645.R37 2007
Jenny Vincent
Smith, Craig. Sing my whole life
long: Jenny Vincent’s life in folk
music and activism.
ML420.V379.S65 2007
Talking Feet
Seeger, Mike. Talking feet:
buck, flatfoot, and tap: solo
Southern dance of the
Appalachian, Piedmont, and
Blue Ridge Mountain Regions.
GV1624.A7.S44 1992
Talking Feet DVD
Talking feet: DVD
1484452 [precat]

History of the Pierce fund: In 1987, Mrs. Alice Pierce established an endowed fund in honor of her late husband, John N. Pierce ’54. Arnold (’57) and Margit Orange and other donors have contributed generously to the fund. Mr. Pierce spent many hours in the Music Library between classes, and this is a particularly meaningful way for his family and friends to honor his memory. The income from the fund was first used to purchase materials in early music and blues; in 2007 the scope was expanded to include jazz and folk.

The Lewis Music Library is located in Bldg.14E-109 and library hours are posted on the web.