Mergent Replaces Thomson as MIT’s Source for Public Company Filings

mergent logoCorporate reports filed by publicly-held companies are available through the MIT Libraries via Mergent Online (// Mergent Online covers both US and international firms, and includes annual reports to shareholders, financial statements, and reports filed with the SEC (including Form 10K and other filings). Additionally, Mergent Online provides brief “tearsheet” profiles of companies and industry reports.

Mergent Online replaces the Libraries’ expired subscription to Thomson Research. Other Thomson Financial products remain available, including:

  • Investext: for analyst reports on companies and industries
  • SDC Platinum: for information on new issues, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, and syndicated loans
  • VentureXpert: for venture capital & private equity research
  • Datastream Advance: for comprehensive financial and economic research; includes Worldscope data on public companies (available in Dewey Library only)

Please contact a librarian at Dewey Library with any questions or comments, or if you need assistance with Mergent Online.