March 4: Scientists, students, and society

A research guide about social justice and political activism at MIT

March 4 Research GuideIn 1969, on March 3 and 4, a series of talks and panel discussions was held at MIT, organized by MIT faculty members of the Union of Concerned Scientists and the student-run Social Action Coordinating Committee. The talks centered on issues relating science to government and society. It called for scientists to think critically about their research and what national policies they enabled. The talks were recorded, transcribed, and published as a book by the MIT Press.

The teach-in was one of many activities in the late 1960s and early 1970s to address concerns about defense research on campus, the arms race, the Vietnam War, civil rights, and many other scientific, social, and cultural issues.

The Institute Archives and Special Collections has created a research guide that provides links to resources from the MIT Libraries general collections and the Institute Archives and Special Collections (IASC) to facilitate research about social justice and political activism at MIT. Select materials were digitized for this guide and provide a sampling of the rich resources in the IASC.

The books included in the research guide are part of the circulating collections of the MIT Libraries.

To access the documents displayed in the guide and to learn about other resources in the IASC, please contact the IASC at or 617-253-5690.