Manage your PDFs & citations: Zotero & Mendeley

Learn to save citations from websites, store related PDFs or attachments, & quickly build a bibliography

Event date July 22, 2015 1pm - 2pm

keyboard and notebooks on a deskUsing citation management software to create and maintain a collection of references or PDFs is common and important in today’s academic world. These tools will help you to save citations from your favorite databases and websites, store related PDFs or attachments, and quickly build a bibliography for your papers and publications. We’ll review Zotero and Mendeley and show how to use them together to help your manage your PDF’s and citations.

Location: 14N-132 DIRC

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Contact: Jennie Murack,

(Note: The same session will be held online July 15th 4:30pm-5:30pm. Click here if you prefer to register for the online session.)