Ask Lurleen the Librarian: How do I get a book that’s checked out?

Lurleen the LibrarianDear Lurleen the Librarian,

I need a book, but it’s checked out! What do I do now?

-Tim the Beaver

Dear Tim,

Here’s the deal: To get a book that someone else has, you can request a recall or hold. Both options allow you to request a book that is checked out, but what’s the difference?

  • A recall will shorten the other user’s loan due date. Use Your Account via Barton to recall a book. All books with 30 day loan periods are subject to recall—including term loans!—however, a minimum two week loan is guaranteed. If two weeks have passed, the recalled due date will be one week from the time you request it.
  • A hold will block the other user from renewing the item, but will not change their due date. Unlike a recall, the other user will not be notified that someone else is waiting for the book.  Request a hold by calling or visiting any library service desk.

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Stay smaht, sweetie!