Limited access to some bound journals in Hayden Library

On Wednesday and Thursday, March 26 & 27, sections of the basement in Hayden Library will be closed to the public. Workers will be removing materials with mold damage and cleaning the shelves in the affected areas. Mold remediation will be done by Munters, a firm that specializes in recovery, following protocols that have been reviewed by MIT Environmental Health & Safety. The mold-damaged items will be discarded and replaced by materials donated from other libraries.

Staff at the Hayden Desk will be able to retrieve many items in the closed-off area while the work is in process, but some items will not be available until the work is complete. Hayden Desk staff will retrieve materials from anywhere in the basement for anyone who is concerned about venturing into the area while mold remediation efforts are in process. Technical questions can be referred to Nancy Schrock, the Libraries’ conservator, at 452-4064 or