The MIT Libraries has a new Patron Data Privacy Policy

Libraries have a long-standing commitment to user privacy. We realize our users come to us to learn how to find and evaluate quality sources of information and trust us with their personal information and intellectual pursuits. Now more than ever, protecting our patrons’ privacy is important as the shift towards e-resources allows new opportunities for surveillance, which must be actively guarded against.

We will do our part to be transparent around what data we collect, how it is being used and protected, and when it may be shared. The Libraries aim to collect only the information that is necessary to provide you with services you request and to give you options to control your own data.

You can learn more about this in our new privacy policy.

Concerned about your privacy? We encourage you to learn how to protect your privacy online, whether inside or outside of MIT. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or on privacy in general, feel free to email, and we are happy to help you!