Libraries add over 11,000 MIT theses to DSpace

The MIT Libraries have added over 11,000 electronic copies of MIT theses to DSpace— doubling the content of the digital archive and providing worldwide exposure to the work of MIT scholars. The MIT thesis collection is already one of the most widely-used collections of its kind and contains the theses of many well-known MIT alumni, including several Nobel Prize winners. In DSpace their work, and the valuable research of many others, will now be even more accessible from the Web.

To find theses in DSpace, go to: // Current MIT students, faculty and staff are able to print PDF files of theses (certificates required). Non-MIT users have access to a readable copy and are given the option of purchasing printable files.

The 11,000 theses in DSpace represent a small portion of the over 100,000 theses found in the collection. The full collection of paper theses dating from 1868 can be found in the Institute Archives. More theses will be added to DSpace as they are scanned on demand or submitted electronically. Recent MIT graduates or students about to complete their degree may submit an electronic version of their theses directly to DSpace: